Camille LaCognata, Architect in Chief and Wise Old Owl

Camille LaCognata, Architect in Chief and Wise Old Owl

Camille LaCognata represents the beginning of the Boomer generation, who are now entering their seventies.  She began working as a programmer in the 60s when practically no one knew what a computer was.  Camille has worked as an Internet Marketing Specialist developing sales and marketing strategies for small businesses using social media and Google Adwords.  She has also been charged with reaching out to the Boomer/Senior populations helping them absorb new and often unfamiliar technology and become tech-savvy, which can be life-enhancing and even life-changing.

Camille’s role within Boomer Connections is to demystify modern technology and show Boomers and Seniors how to use the internet and social media, as well as their gadgets, to stay in touch with family and friends and stay connected and current in an increasingly complex world.

Camille’s career as a systems analyst/project manager kept her on the cutting edge of emerging technology for years. As she moved into on-site customer training and a more people-centered role, she discovered she had a particular skill for helping clients understand and work with computer technology, making the process easier to grasp and relatable to their day to day work.

Camille has a strong business background combined with a strong belief in helping others and making a difference. She started and operated a successful retail/manufacturing business and understands the challenges of running a small business. She has created websites and blogs for three online businesses and served as the newsletter editor of several non-profit organizations.  Camille provides a wide variety of services to professionals, enabling them to concentrate on what they do best.  She has also spent a lot of time in senior facilities as a volunteer, helping residents learn computers and technology and loves to see the light in their eyes when they “get it” and become proficient at something that they didn’t think they could master.

Camille has volunteered as an instructor at the Lifelong Learning Institute of Chesterfield County.  She also has served on the board of her homeowners’ association and has served many years on the board of The New Virginians. She is a member of the Richmond Senior Network, RVA Better Aging Forum, My Business Community, and Business Owners Institute.