What we’re talking about…

Our blog aims to serve two worthy purposes: sharing and learning. Baby Boomers have lots to share about various topics and great life stories and life lessons to tell. The intent of Boomer Connections has always been to provide a forum, hence our name.

Sharing – refers more to the sharing of personal stories and memories unique to our generation, which we have organized into loose categories to get started:

  • Conversations
  • Second Acts
  • What We Love(d)
  • What We Remember

Learning – refers more to the sharing of practical advice. We will be asking professionals to weigh in with info about their work and services they provide, and invite responses — never to sell, but rather to share valuable insights. Those initial categories involve connecting with:

  • Your Fun Side (ideas on travel, entertainment, and other fun activities Boomers are into)
  • Your Bottom Line (financial)
  • Your Community (opportunities volunteerism and what’s going on in the area)
  • Yourself (mental and physical health and well-being, staying active and relevant)
  • Uncle Sam (navigating government services and benefits)

Additionally, we will provide a category of “Did you know?” which will contain snippets of trending information of interest to Baby Boomers.

Perhaps more categories will follow, depending on what we decide to share. Let’s get started….