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If you have met me and know me for as long as 30 minutes, you probably know that I love the beach.  All beaches make me happy. 

If you know me for as long as an hour, you probably know that I love to read.  It is my favorite pastime and entertainment. 


Today, I was able to go to the beach; Virginia Beach to be exact. This is beach heaven.  Soft powdery sand is what this Virginia Beach is known for–also, lots of people.  I usually go to the part of the beach where there are no hotels, the residential area north of the commercial strip that is quiet and less populated.  But today I settled in a little closer to the commercial area to take advantage of some of the city facilities.

There were people visiting from far and wide. I met a few of the people who were sitting around me and they were from Virginia of course, as well as New York and Wisconsin.  They love Virginia Beach too.  It was no surprise to me that people come here from everywhere to experience Virginia Beach’s welcoming sand and water. 

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As I mentioned, I love to read.  For me, going to the beach is an opportunity to open a book and indulge myself.  I usually bring at least one book with me, though I’ve been known to bring 3, as well as a few magazines.  Today, I brought none.  This was not my intention, but my mistake.  I was already in the parking garage and ready to finally get out onto the beach when I discovered that I’d left all 4 of my books at home.  I didn’t have any earbuds either, so no listening to anything on my phone.  Talk about disappointment!  Well, it is what it is, I thought and proceeded to the beach. 

Beach 3After getting settled and taking a few photos of things I thought would be fun to show my friends, I began to get a little antsy.  Nothing to do.  But I’d made the decision to come directly to the beach and not to try to find an open bookstore, so I would have to find something to occupy myself.  I started people watching.  And paying attention to things that are special to the beach.


Here are some of my observations:

  1.  Folks of all sizes and shapes come to the beach – and enjoy themselves.  There are young and old people.  There are short and tall people.  There are fat and thin people.  There are black, brown, and white people.  Without exception, they all are there to have a good time.  They all laugh and play.  Some are with family.  Some are with friends.  Some are alone like me. 
  2. No matter how much sunscreen you use on your chest, you will always have a little or a lot of pink/red there.
  3. The predominant color for bathing suits – male and female–is black. By a wide margin.  The next most popular color is navy blue.  When there is a suit with a vibrant color, it is most often in combination with black. 
  4. It is impossible to be on the beach for a few hours without taking a little catnap.
  5. The loudness of the fighter planes flying practice runs out of Oceana Naval Air Station will make your naps short,
  6. Many of our country’s young people are overweight.  Many of our country’s people are overweight.  They still seem to be loving their lives.
  7. In all the years I’ve been going to a beach, I never tire of it. I’d go back tomorrow if I could – but I’d take a book with me!
  8. Lifeguards do a remarkable job keeping people from getting into trouble when they are at the beach.
  9. The parade of people walking up and down the sand is a joy to watch.
  10. The sand castles built by kids and families are beautiful – no matter the size or shape!
  11. I watched 3 young girls trying to break up with their phones so they could play in the water. It was obviously a hard decision for all of them. After several attempts to put the phones away, they finally stopped coming out of the water to check what was going on elsewhere and just had a good time. 
  12. The beach gives me a feeling of serenity that I find nowhere else. The sun, sand, and water are so soothing to my soul. I’ve found many people who feel the same way.  That makes me happy!


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Beverly Anderson is the proud mother of two and BeBe (grandmother) of two lovely girls. She and her husband Tom are looking forward to celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary later this year. Beverly is very happily semi-retired. She has always enjoyed exploring and learning about the world.

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  1. While reading your article, it brought back many memories of the time my husband and I have spent at Hilton Head Island. A place of beauty.; a place of peace. Soothing and relaxation. A time to fall in love again. Thanks for the reminder.

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