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This Camper’s Life: Visiting Cherokee, NC

Cherokee ReservationCamping in the Smoky Mountains gave us the opportunity to visit an interesting town that is part of the Cherokee Reservation.  Cherokee, NC was relatively close to our campground—about 57 miles away.  We drove through the mountains on a very hilly road to get there.  The views were spectacular!  There are many pull-over spots that you can park and enjoy the beautiful vista in front of you!

When we first entered the town of Cherokee, we were greeted with a sign.  When I first looked at the sign, I wasn’t sure what I was reading.  I thought that some of the letters fell off, but then I realized the sign is in the Cherokee native tongue!  Wow!  That was fascinating!  All the signs in town have English and Cherokee on them! Awesome!

There are areas along the street with a covered platform that the Natives use for photo opportunities with the tourists.  It is a great way for people to see the culture and learn about these interesting people. We were there on a holiday so, unfortunately, we did not see any of the residents in their full Regalia. 

There were some shops that were open in town. We visited them and I, of course, was able to get a couple of souvenirs for my grandsons!  Many of the shops had handcrafted items made on the reservation. 

Cherokee ReservationThis bear statue in the picture greets you as you enter downtown. 

Cherokee also has a Harrah’s casino and resort in town.  We did not go inside.  We just drove by it.  We may try it sometime when we get there again.  It is an older casino. Very nice though!

There is a pretty park in the town where you can hike along a stream that is located behind some of the stores. I would imagine you could catch some nice fish in that stream!  The downtown has some interesting historical buildings and a museum as well.  Sadly, many were closed because of the holiday and Covid! 

I loved the experience of visiting a historical town with such a rich history. I will visit Cherokee, NC again, but this time when I can experience some of the wonderful and colorful culture of the Cherokee people!!