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Going Fishing

I know that it’s not about

nabbing a catch,

as you meticulously fetch,

fishing poles and fine mesh nets.

It’s about taking, and making time

for self, by taking stock

in nature’s wealth.

It’s about getting away

from the hustle and bustle,

of the everyday grind,

that clouds the mind.

Going fishing

Is about growing and knowing,

Just how far you’ve come,

and where you are going.

It’s a personal trip to rekindle

The soul,

that will keep thoughts young,

as time grows old.

But the ultimate skill

Is not proven until;

with slippery fingers

And scarred hands

you can,

Bait your hook,

without dropping your book

 on Tales of the Great Fisherman.


©Joyce Hill-Chamouris



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Originally from Amelia, VA, Joyce Hill-Chamouris had her first poem published at age 13. Her works have been published in several Anthologies & magazines. Joyce worked as a freelance writer for the Richmond Afro Newspaper writing articles, poetry & editorial comments. She resides in Richmond with husband Tom.


    1. Hi Rita,
      Thanks so much for your response. It means a great deal to me to make a connection with my poetry.

  1. Beautiful poem. So true to how many us feel. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Joyce, just read your poem! It’s beautiful and is a great reminder of what I’ll be saying shortly! So proud of you. I would love to read more ✍🏽👋🏽

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