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Happy Birthday Momma

July is the month we celebrate the independence of our wonderful home, the United States of America.  A time of getting together to shoot fireworks (in Alabama), visiting family, playing baseball (for those of us who can) and eating some of our favorite foods.

For the McCulloch family (of which I’m grateful to be a member), it is also a time of celebrating the oldest member of our family, my mother-in-law India Mae McCulloch’s birthday.  Momma turned 95 on the first day of the month.  It was a great blessing to be here to see her face and to see how she can still move around and be a young feisty woman (laugh). 

Many times, Momma can be a handful, but in the end, it is always a blessing to be a part of a time in her life when she can remember who you are and still give you a good laugh to let you know she is still India Mae McCulloch.

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