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Healing is in the Forgiveness

Have you ever met someone so entrenched in the pain of the past? You can always hear the hurt because of whatever happened and whoever did what comes up a lot. The trauma is re-lived by making sure you know the circumstances.

It is unfortunate to hear when the years have not softened the hurt but emboldened the resentful person to keep telling the story.

The worst part comes when that person passes on to the next life in that sadness turned bitter.

Science has shown that an unforgiving spirit causes severe challenges to our health, minds, and even in the outcomes of our life’s dreams. Depression, anxiety, and addictions often are rooted in unforgiveness. The times spent ruminating over something done to you or someone who hurt you takes the focus off the now as they keep the wound alive.

Scripture says we forgive as we have been forgiven. That makes sense to me: God gave me the gift of complete forgiveness; therefore, I reciprocate  by choosing forgiveness. And I am the person that benefits most from the gift. It’s me that gets the healing so I can go forward in the joy.

Especially now, in my later, much later years, I am grateful that I received the power of a forgiving heart early in my life. It took therapy and spiritual guidance. As late as the Fall of 2019, I was still working with my mentor on the residual of a painful past showing up in unhealthy behavior patterns.

When my mother died in September 2020, I realized how much she loved us. I could let her go loving her FULLY and JOYFULLY. She was at peace as well.

Life is too short—it got real for me at 50—to hold on to anything that keeps you from experience LOVE to the fullest. When I go, I can leave with a peace-filled heart.

Have you experienced the power of forgiveness? It will change your life—but don’t wait—choose to let it go today!

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Yolanda Gray is a faith-based coach, speaker and author for the Christian professional woman who feels trapped by an out-of-control lifestyle. She works with them to take back their lives from exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious to living in God’s purpose and power, authentically and confidently. She hosts and facilitates energizing, interactive, thought-provoking workshops and empowering restorative retreats. Yolanda earned a Bachelor's degree in Human Development, a Master’s degree in Human Relations and a certification in Professional Life Coaching through P4 Coaching Institute—an ICF accredited program. Contact her at yolandagray.com or email: [email protected]