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Seizing Opportunities Post-COVID: What Do You Want to do Next?

Good news: Our economy continues to rebound since the Covid pandemic started and jobs are becoming more plentiful. This new phase is full of opportunities. Do you want to pursue a new job or part-time job, or perhaps a volunteer experience? Have you harbored a dream of starting a business or pursuing a certification, college degree or advanced degree? This is a great time to consider putting these dreams on the front burner. Opportunity is knocking, will you answer?

If you want to acquire new skills, go for it.

I recently saw on Facebook updates from 3 people I know that completed their Doctorate degrees in the last 2 months! Yes, three Doctorate degrees as we rebound from this COVID period!!

Learning is a life-long process. It is easy today to access training virtually–and numerous training options are available in person as well at various locations. Check these out at local universities and industry organizations. Remember to utilize social media for training also! YouTube and Pinterest contain a wealth of information from people sharing tips and insights on any number of topics. Most job search platforms such as Indeed and LinkedIn also provide training opportunities and webinars. If you notice any skill gaps or areas you know you need to improve in order to get where you want to go, reach out to others who could help you close these gaps. You will find that an abundance of information, resources, and consultants are available to help you.

Without a doubt, the virtual world has provided more opportunities and flexibility for us all. Career options have expanded exponentially and the ability to reach people and customers has become easier. Collaborations are more readily available and accessible with an internet search, social media page, job board or LinkedIn page.  

Spend some time assessing what new insights or skills you obtained during this past year that have changed your perspective on life, your career and your future. Write these down and determine how these can influence your next phase. Ask yourself these questions: What do you really enjoy doing? What are you good at? Who can help you on this next phase? How soon do you want to move forward?

As you consider changes to the career path you are on or starting a business or consulting practice—or are starting to plan your post-retirement “second act”—be sure to leverage your experiences, transferable skills, personal and professional network and everything that makes you uniquely successful today! Your experiences and knowledge are priceless and marketable. How do the insight and strength you have gained during the last difficult year, combined with your previous experiences and knowledge, uniquely position you to take advantage of post-Covid job growth and opportunities?

Considering a change, whether big or small, requires serious planning. Change also brings some level of risk. Consider your risk tolerance and your end goals. If the risks are relatively high you will need to identify what actions you can take to reduce the impact of these risks and increase the likelihood of your success.

I cannot emphasize this enough: If you have a desire to consider trying something different, are looking at a new job or career field, or expanding in your current business or plotting your second act or post-retirement gig…The time is NOW! Seize this great opportunity as our economy rebounds and options for virtual capabilities and collaborations are more available and accessible than ever. You have options. The time is NOW to move forward, considering what you like to do, while building on your previous experiences/skills combined with new skills you have obtained since Covid, to chart the next phase of your career.

Enjoy the re-opening of our economy!

If you need help beginning your transition journey and mapping out your next stage of growth, please contact me at Growing Perspectives Career Consulting. My goal is to help you reach your goals and aspirations. Follow me on LinkedIn at Growing Perspectives Career Consulting and contact me at [email protected] or

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