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Small Pursuits of Happiness #13: Light Up Your World with Twinkly, Sparkly Lights

Twinkly Lights 3

Twinkly lights are a small pursuit of happiness that brighten my world every day. So pretty, so fanciful.  They can transform a cold, empty or soulless space in an instant. The investment is indeed small, but the payback great. If you don’t already have them, you need some of these mini stars in your world as well.

String lights have come such a long way. For so many years my twinkly lights came in the form of the cumbersome Christmas tree type, strung on a heavy green cord. But now the choices are SO much better! Now the lights come on a tiny copper wire that can be twisted and strung round anything you can think of. You even have the option of battery operated, so you are spared the hassle of plugging them in. Many come with remote control, in the event that the lights are placed in a hard-to-reach location.

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Light Up Your World

You can wrap lights around and illuminate almost anything, even yourself! Even the dog! I cannot express how beautiful twinkly lights are around the deck on a summer night as friends gather for a drink and the only other light is from the moon. I wrapped these lights around the banister to our upstairs and I leave them on 24/7, creating a pretty ambiance in the day and a totally different one at night. The same type of strand is strung on our fireplace mantle and provides and warm, non-intrusive glow as we watch TV. I embedded battery-operated twinklies in a metal hurricane candle lantern filled with shiny Christmas balls…and others in a pretty wine bottle with the control switch in the cork.

These whimsical lights, often referred to as “fairy lights,” are an easy way to make your world just a little bit brighter, just a little bit happier. I got mine on Amazon.

Twinkle on little star.




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