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Small Pursuits of Happiness #14: Plant a Garden

Have you ever had a garden?  My husband and I actually had a garden just about every year since we moved to Richmond over 40 years ago.  Since the kids have left home, we don’t use it as much, so we end up giving away a lot of the fruits of our labor. But that is a good thing and it makes us happy.

Garden 1 Garden 2 Garden 3










This year we have planted cucumbers, tomatoes, okra, and bell peppers.  We had onions
and squash, but something kept eating them before they could grow. Here are some of our first fruits! As you can see, we boxed in the garden. We are looking forward to adding more for the fall season.  By the way, the cucumbers are delicious and so are the green tomatoes when fried.  Hmmmm…

Garden 6 Garden 5 Garden 4







Rita McCulloch

Rita McCulloch is a mid generation Boomer who saw change and turmoil happen all around her from a vantage point as a young African American woman growing up in Huntsville, Alabama. Yet her focus was on family, community, church and helping others. She began helping seniors with their personal and financial needs as a volunteer while raising her family. She then founded a business, Boomer3Solutions, through which she helps educate, organize, and prepare families for their golden age years and minimize the stress that can be related to caregiving. Rita brings to Boomer Connections a strong background in elder care concerns and the many decisions facing their Boomer family members.

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