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60 Is the New 40 and Other Myths About Aging

 Some even say 60 is the new 30 as this article from Forbes claims. I say, “tell my body that!”  

The quest for eternal youth isn’t new to our culture. With a number of us approaching or well into the senior years, there seems to be an increasing struggle to maintain a youthful appearance. It’s part of our youth-obsessed culture, and it won’t be going away anytime soon.

Aging Myths - YogaThe anti-aging industry has risen to the demand for eternal youth, or the appearance of it, to become a multi-billion dollar force in our country. They’re giving us what we want in the way of procedures and potions.

While I was in grad school in my 50’s, I studied the aging of the American woman and its impact on increasing depression and substance abuse issues in women over 50.

It is difficult for women to be satisfied with life when their identity is tied to how young they look or how others see them. Healthy self-esteem and confidence come from deeper spiritual and emotional work. The number of years becomes insignificant compared to enthusiasm for life.

When we engage with others in meaningful relationships, life-enriching activities (fun included), and a sense of purpose, we can stop chasing the elusive “60 is the new 30” social construct and respond to our bodies with love and kindness. That means we can take care of our emotional, physical and spiritual health and reap the benefits well into older age.

Aging Myths - PushupsThere has never been a time when we can re-assess and re-invent the next stage of life as today. Look around—women are boldly taking control of their lives. They’re building businesses, volunteering where their heart leads, and doing all the things they finally have time for!

From my view, I see more women getting into what stimulates, inspires and moves them. Retirement from a long-held job means time to plan another great adventure.

I’ve learned how to let go of what I can’t control (wrinkles, body shifts and growing older) and focus on finding meaning in the here and now.

Today I seek a deeper, richer spiritual walk with God, acutely aware of the days that pass so swiftly. The abundant life has taken on a new meaning—instead of spending precious time and resources on the increasingly difficult task of appearing youthful, I have discovered true prosperity.

Nurturing relationships, spending time with loved ones, and helping other women to take back their lives—free from the obsession over how we are perceived: This is what I focus on today.

Am I getting rid of my lotions and potions anytime soon? No. I still try my best to look good, but I’m not chasing the dragon of the “next big thing” in order to look like a cartoon version of a younger me.

Aging Myths - Woman SittingThere are two things a woman can’t hide no matter how hard we try. One of them is age and the other one is being in love.

Take back your life!  60 is the new 40 is a myth!

May all of us glide gracefully into the years we have left, full of life and joy.

Yolanda Gray

Yolanda Gray works with professional and business women to guide them on the journey inside to get out of overwhelm, stress, chaotic thinking and destructive habits and finally take control of their lives with a fresh perspective for what matters most-- living life “out loud”—authentically and confidently-- in all that God created them for. Her own path on the way to God and her life’s mission started where many of the women she works with begin—feeling defeated, in despair—and desperately wanting happiness and love and meaning in her life. Yolanda earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development, a Master’s degree in Human Relations and certified as a holistic life coach. Through the years she shares the message of it’s never too late to “Take Back Your Life” as a personal coach, in coaching groups, retreats and as a speaker for organizations, businesses, and churches.


  1. Great article Yolanda. It reminds me of the scripture in Titus 2:2,3 that tells the aged women to teach the young women good things; to love their husbands and to love their children. Some of us are so busy trying to stay young that we are not there for the younger women as a good role model. Let us take heed to the roles God has placed us in.

  2. Excellent article. Yolanda is an amazing woman who I have had the pleasure of watching “bloom” into her newest life. I worked with Yolanda for a few years and knew she was destined for a much better than the job she was in. So proud of you, Yolanda!

  3. Yolanda, I’m with ya! “60 is the new 30” is ridiculous. Just ask a 30 year old, haha! You affirm and inspire me to keep what’s truly important truly important. And to live into the photo of a smiling, aging woman pointing with an arrow point to her eye wrinkles with the words “Age is earned.” Love that! Here’s to every wrinkle being an adventure!

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