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Becoming a Saged Soul

It started with trying to make a decision.

Should I continue to color my grayish/white hair or face the excruciating pain of allowing the regrowth to make me look skunkish? (Or worse—my dyed hair is red!)

I’ve let it all grow out before. Not for the faint of heart or vain of person.

As I was mulling it over (okay, I was obsessing), I thought… What is so crucial about covering up my natural color anyway? The obvious reason is that it makes me appear younger. And, for most of us women, this is high on our list of priorities. (Not all women, but most women I know).

I was also thinking of a new website and how much it costs to get one. I had to make sure about this hair color thing because my image has to go with that website for at least three years.

Then it hit me! In three years, I’ll be 70!

As I began to calm myself down, I thought about other things besides my vanity. I reminded myself how happy I am to be alive and healthy, doing work that I love, beyond retirement.

I settled into this dreamy state of sageness. That wisdom comes with accepting mortality, having experienced the death of my parents, and coming up on the other side of poor choices of my youthful, reckless years, and growing up, accepting responsibility for my life and happiness.

Life can age you, or it can sage you. When you’re a saged soul, you have a deep knowledge of things, people, and most especially yourself. You develop emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

You discover the most important things. Priorities today don’t look like those of 10 years ago.

As we sage, we get to know our strengths as well as our weaknesses. We have a purpose—every one of us.

Our unique experiences can be lessons for the youngers who have yet to encounter the things that come with living long enough.

We have stories, so many stories. And if you’re into storytelling—like I am—you love to share them. Even the painful ones, because you have overcome the adversity. And in overcoming, you offer hope to others.

So, as I pondered all of this, which began as simply trying to decide on what to do about my hair, a calming peace from that higher place in my spirit came over me. A saged soul is precisely who I have become, and it feels alright.

Side note:  I did text my sister to see if my mom’s wigs were still at the house. I may need them if I change my mind (again) about the hair!

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Yolanda Gray is a faith-based coach, speaker and author for the Christian professional woman who feels trapped by an out-of-control lifestyle. She works with them to take back their lives from exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious to living in God’s purpose and power, authentically and confidently. She hosts and facilitates energizing, interactive, thought-provoking workshops and empowering restorative retreats. Yolanda earned a Bachelor's degree in Human Development, a Master’s degree in Human Relations and a certification in Professional Life Coaching through P4 Coaching Institute—an ICF accredited program. Contact her at or email: [email protected]