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Boomers Creating Powerful Connections

 ConnectionsDo you have a vibrant community of others like you who gather to share life’s pains and joys, and provide encouragement and support–along with a strong desire to see everyone in the group fulfilling their highest purpose? Or have you lost your sense of connecting authentically and powerfully because of the imposed isolation of the recent pandemic? It has been a long, hard year but Spring has arrived, and it is time to reconnect, renew and reinvent!

In our isolation, social media has filled the need to be known and accepted for who you are. Sadly, it is an artificial space where the connection is virtual, not real, and one that can be an unhealthy place to vent hurt without receiving healing, to be seen only in a controlled (contrived) light because the truth is too painful, where one often leaves after scrolling without fully connecting at a heart level with others.

ConnectionsWe need real-life, authentic, powerful connections with others to heal, grow, and help others to heal and grow as well. We need to BE with others, to go through the fires of life together, to create a restoration place through emotional and spiritual connections.   

As a Baby Boomer who works with others in this age group, I witness how community has become more critical than ever before. Our unique issues–caretaking loved ones, being widowed or divorced, retirement, deaths of friends and family, and immobility that results in loss of independence–create a vacuum where loneliness can manifest.

At the same time, I also believe we have never lived in a better season to reach out and become part of a greater whole, connect at a heart level, and live our best years with others who journey with us. Our Boomer years become seasons of new personal and spiritual growth, new and lasting friendships, and renewed hope for creative ventures and fun adventures.

ConnectionsIt is no coincidence that I am reading, hearing, and feeling a strong sense of what it means to connect in the highest, most meaningful ways. Through my work, I have created powerful communities of women who have spent several years together sharing their lives, overcoming difficult obstacles and discovering themselves again. It has been life-changing and life-affirming for all of us. I am committed to continuing to find ways to connect in real life. Won’t you join me?







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Yolanda Gray is a faith-based coach, speaker and author for the Christian professional woman who feels trapped by an out-of-control lifestyle. She works with them to take back their lives from exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious to living in God’s purpose and power, authentically and confidently. She hosts and facilitates energizing, interactive, thought-provoking workshops and empowering restorative retreats. Yolanda earned a Bachelor's degree in Human Development, a Master’s degree in Human Relations and a certification in Professional Life Coaching through P4 Coaching Institute—an ICF accredited program. Contact her at or email: [email protected]