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Dating at 50+: On-Line Dating Basics

The ending of any relationship whether through divorce, death or a breakup is very difficult at any age, especially if it was a long term relationship.  Eventually, if we decide that we want to get back into the dating scene to find companionship and, possibly, a new love, it becomes challenging as we get older. One of the modern trends is the on-line dating scene.  The older we get, the more difficult it is to meet other singles in the conventional way.  The on-line trend is gaining popularity with “gray” dating—dating at 50+.  Even though on-line dating has been around for quite a while, we are getting our own dating sites for mature adults–gray sites.  These sites target the 50+ population.

There are several sites available for “gray dating”.   Each has its benefits as well as its drawbacks.  The subscription prices differ as well. The longer you want to stay in the on-line dating scene, the less it costs per month.  They charge you the entire price up front.  If you subscribe for 12 months, you would have to pay the entire 12 months up front.

I have heard of many people who found their “soulmates” through on-line dating and others who have had no success at all.  It all depends on what you are looking for.  This type of dating can be a challenge since some people do not always look like their picture or are not totally honest with their profile descriptions.  It is easy to say whatever you want in your profile.  The more popular dating sites claim that they check pictures, sometimes through Facebook and they give suggestions to boost your profile so you can meet more people that are compatible to you.

The first thing you see that introduces you to a new person is their picture and profile.  If their profile and picture look interesting, you can either send them a wink or a message.  This is supposed to make it easy to meet people with whom you have common interests.  The dating sites ask you to fill out some basic info on what you are looking for, your perfect date, etc.  They match you up with potential dates.  It is interesting what they come up with sometimes.

The main thing to keep in mind when exploring dating sites is use good judgment when you decide to meet someone and be open minded.  It can be possible to meet the person of your dreams.  Safety is important.  Meeting at a public place makes sense.  It can be a bit scary if you haven’t been on the dating scene for a while!  It can also be very exciting to meet new people that you may never have met otherwise!

I would love to hear your experiences with on-line dating!

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Marie Giammarco is a mid generation Boomer who came of age in suburban New York, 50 miles north of the city. A child whose mom and grandparents were Italian immigrants, her close knit family defined her growing up years. The product of an environment that revolved around food, health, and physical activity, she saw many elderly people age before their time because they lacked these things. She has a passion to help Boomers and Seniors to be active and live a longer, more healthy life.