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Dating at 50+ Part 2


Since my last blog on dating at 50+, I have learned a few things that I would like to pass on to those of you that may be doing the on-line thing.

First of all, not all dating sites are alike!  I have recently gotten on to eHarmony and was rather disappointed.  This dating site is pricey, but they offered a special deal that cost $20 for three months.  I thought I would give it a try.  The website is not the best to work with.  They have all the questions that you have to answer to find your perfect match.  That is no problem, but what frustrated me is that I wanted to focus on people that are within a 25 mile radius of me.  I put that in my profile, but eHarmony doesn’t use that for your matches.  I am getting matches from all over the place.  That is nice, but not what I wanted.  Maybe because there aren’t as many singles on there as other sites because it is rather expensive.  I was glad to have the opportunity to test it out for a minimal price.  It is not my first choice. 

I am on a couple of free sites as well.  The problem with free sites is that it is easy for anyone to go on there.  My experience recently confirmed that you have to be careful who you talk to and who you give information to.  There was a man who contacted me through OKCupid (a free site).  He looked interesting.  I communicated with him a little.  He told me his name, but when I ran a Google search on him, there was no one by that name in Richmond.  I believe he was not who he said he was.  I reported the profile to the website and they removed him immediately.  I talked to a friend of mine who has been doing on-line dating for three years about this situation.  Her suggestion was that you do not give out your full name or email.  She has created an email that does not include her name in it at all, that she uses specifically for on-line dating.  I have taken her advice. She has also suggested that you look these individuals up on Facebook as well, and also give them a Google number instead of your real phone number.  Anyone can get a free Google number if you have a Google account.

Of course, you always want to meet your potential matches in a public place.  Let someone know that you are going on a date with the individual and always be on alert.  I have met some nice men through on-line dating.  Two turned into relationships.  I feel it is a good option when you are older. Be aware it may take time to meet someone interesting.

Another site is Plenty of Fish (POF).  I met my second relationship on that site.  One thing I noticed is that, like me, you see the same faces on each of the sites. They may have different names, but you recognize them from other sites.  The one site that comes in at the top is Zoosk.  That site costs money.  You can sign up free on any of the sites, you can’t always communicate with the individuals.  Zoosk will let you create a profile for free.  The site will send you a notice that someone liked you or someone wants to talk to you.  Of course, you can’t do anything until you join.  That is the teaser!  Zoosk is easy to use and you can communicate with someone you are interested in rather easily.

All in all, you just have to be careful what you divulge to potential dates, and where you meet them.  It is a viable option to meet some nice people on dating sites.  Just be prepared to be disappointed if someone you think is interesting, doesn’t feel the same.  I would love to hear about your experiences with on-line dating, especially if you had a successful relationship.

Happy Dating!


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Marie Giammarco is a mid generation Boomer who came of age in suburban New York, 50 miles north of the city. A child whose mom and grandparents were Italian immigrants, her close knit family defined her growing up years. The product of an environment that revolved around food, health, and physical activity, she saw many elderly people age before their time because they lacked these things. She has a passion to help Boomers and Seniors to be active and live a longer, more healthy life.