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Going on a Knitting Retreat to Chincoteague, VA

I had a wonderful opportunity to get away with my knitting friend for a class  on a how to knit socks, in Chincoteague, VA.  Since I am my grandson’s day care, getting away isn’t always easy.  I have to make arrangements with my daughter to take some days off so I can have some knitting fun and enjoy meeting other knitters.  Knitting is my passion.  Well, actually, it is my addiction, but a very healthy addiction.  You see, it keeps me very calm and out of the refrigerator.  So I am doing something else with my hands besides eating.  I am an emotional eater, so anytime I can steal away from the kitchen and do something productive, I consider myself a WINNER!

Going on road trips to yarn shops and taking knitting classes in other places gives me a sense of calm and completeness. I love going to yarn shops and looking at all the yarns and touching them to enjoy the textures and colors.  Meeting other knitters with the same interests, and learning what they like to knit is fun and interesting.  I found most of the knitters were of the Baby Boomer age and retired or close to retirement.

Knitting is an art which I practice as much as I can during the day.  It is an art I can do as long as my hands and fingers hold out.  My grandmother knitted and crocheted well into her ninth decade to keep her hands and fingers from the soreness of arthritis. My mother, who is 87 years old, still knits to this day.

Because I am my grandson’s caregiver and now my husband’s caregiver, it can sometimes take a long time to complete a project, and many times I have several projects going at the same time.  To prevent my hands from hurting, I choose different needle sizes and yarn as well as a wide array of projects to work on.  I love seeing the end result of a scarf, sweater, hat, blanket, socks, booties, wristers, or any other piece of work I have finished.

ChincoteagueChincoteague was amazing!  It was rather chilly, but I told my friend we were there to knit and learn.  Actually, it could rain, snow, sleet, or hail, and I would still be happy wherever I am knitting away.  Learning a new technique, such as knitting a sock in a sock, was quite a challenge which I have not totally conquered as of yet.  I think most of us were pretty brain dead after that afternoon of trying to get all the stitches on the four double pointed needles and managing to figure out which part of the sock we were actually knitting.  That segment of the class was interesting, but totally draining.  I never thought a class would be so utterly challenging, and even though I made it through the class, I felt frustrated not being able to totally grasp on to the sock in a sock concept.  I later found out, the majority of the class had difficulty grasping onto the concept.  This is one project I plan to tackle at a later date.

Years ago I owned a yarn shop, and would always tell my students, “if you can’t rip, don’t knit!”  Many of my younger students would just sigh, as it can be distressing to take out a project one has put their time and heart and soul into.
I have done it myself.  When I arrived home from our knitting weekend, I took out a sock which I almost completed as I realized it was the wrong yarn.  My 87 year old mom was quite surprised when I told her.  I think the word was SHOCKED!!  Anyhow, it was a lesson learned, and I now know how to be more cognizant of the sock yarn I choose.

Meeting other people was fun, and going to the yarn shop in Chincoteague was wonderful! Carodan Yarn Shop in Chincoteague is definitely worth a road trip.  Caroline was a wonderful host, and she accommodated all our knitting needs.

Knitting StoreMany have asked me to teach knitting classes again, and I have thought of doing so.  It takes time to create classes, and perhaps I will offer knitting classes in the near future.  Knitting is a wonderful craft to learn.  I feel so very accomplished when I complete a project.  My knitting friend and I always have wonderful times together going to fiber festivals, yarn shops and planning our next knitting getaways.  It’s fun talking yarn, patterns and knitting with a friend who shares the same interests.  Knitters around the world talk about knitting and leave their cares and issues at the door. I love it, and will always enjoy knitting with a friend over a cup of tea and some luscious yarn!

I love to knit, and being a caregiver, it gives me time to relax and reflect on what can be a very challenging day.  When my grandson is napping, I try to schedule time to knit.  Although my plan does not always work, I manage to spend some time during the day knitting.  If you would like to know more, please contact me at [email protected].  Put in the Subject KNITTING.  That way I will know what you want to discuss.  Enjoy this beautiful weather and take time to learn something new this week!



  1. Marilyn,
    I love to knit too, but only know the basics. Let me know if you ever start up a class. Your trips sounds like fun!

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