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It’s Painful to Be Beautiful!

All week you’ve been looking forward to going to a special event.  The drama you experience should teach you a valuable lesson.

You decide to try the new hair roller set you got last Christmas.  It promises to give you curls galore.  You found out that you will have to sleep in them to get the style you want.  After disturbing your husband by tossing and turning, you finally hang your head as close to the edge of the bed without falling off.  Needless to say, didn’t get much sleep during that ordeal!

To hide the bulges under that lovely dress of yours, you have to wear an uncomfortable ensemble underneath.  It makes the dress look nice, but so much for enjoying your favorite foods while you’re out.  It’s either eat and get enough or nibble and be able to breathe comfortably.

Not again!  You just got your nails done two days ago.  One of them just popped off (the same one as the last time), as you are trying to buckle your 3-inch high heel.  Too late to get it re-done, since you’re about to leave in ten minutes.  So, you put a Band-Aid on the fingertip. Hadn’t given it a thought before, but as you stare at your fingers, you think how nice it would be if it matched the color of your nails.

Your feet hurt, but you don’t dare take your shoes off because they match your outfit; not unless you take them off while your feet are under the table – when no one’s looking.

The earrings coordinate beautifully, but for some reason one of your earlobes swells.  You try, inconspicuously, of course, to switch them from one earlobe to the other.  If you’re not careful, someone is going to catch on to what you’re doing.

You’ve been smiling beautifully the whole time, showing off your new dental work. You glory in all the compliments, too.  But tonight, as you pass by the full-length mirror, you catch your breath.  Oh, no!  A smidgen of lipstick is stuck on the bottom of your two front teeth!  And no one told you about it.  How long has that been there?  By the way, that’s when you also notice that your eyebrows still don’t match, even though you painstakingly tried to make sure they did.

You don’t want to admit that the night was an uneventful experience, even though you kept up the façade.   But, at last – home again.  Finally, you can take off all the stuff that’s been bothering you.  Oh, sweet relief!  After all of this, you ask yourself, wouldn’t it be easier to be a ‘plain jane’? You answer yourself, no way!  Emotional pain and/or physical pain, you would do it all again the next time! 

You are resolved to just live with the fact that, ‘it’s painful to be beautiful’!


Evelyn Allen

Guest blogger Evelyn Allen is the owner of a unique business called Hearts-R-Mending, in which she utilizes special greeting cards and messages geared to mending relationships, to encourage people to forgive, reconnect, and move forward. What a wonderful mission!

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