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Learning to Smile Through the Changing Times

The lyrics to a 70’s song came to mind this morning. The song reminds us to smile through change while we wait for better days.

Why that song? Could it be on account of our current social situation in our country? I don’t know why exactly, but it came to me out of the blue.

As a boomer who has lived long enough to experience devastation, loss, and grief, nothing could have prepared me for how to go through the changes we are experiencing as I write. How does someone plan for something never experienced before?

Fear and anxiety began to take root as the “buzz words” the media started using filtered into our living room and straight into my mind.  It caught me off guard at first. The reports were non-stop, distracting, and disturbing.

As I reflected on past disasters I experienced–hard times caused by an unstable economy, a housing bust (twice), a downturn in all construction, earthquakes, fires, not to mention divorce and death of my father– I realized that this is life. If you live long enough, as I have, you may see a lot of unexpected, tragic, and disruptive times.

The difference between then and past decades is that we didn’t get assaulted by the news reports 24/7, by social media, and e-mails that came in to remind us to be afraid, be very afraid. We had one station on a 24/7 cycle, radio, and the nightly news which came to us after we were home and ready to end our workday.

We didn’t get caught up in what was happening; we struggled along and prayed. In the meantime, we went to work, raised our babies, and waited for the worst to be over. Thankfully, I didn’t have the time nor the means to stay glued to the scary news, talking heads, and social media “experts.”

Today, this song reminded me that the world’s state of affairs will change. And though it is a challenge, I will smile through this time of change and uncertainty until it’s over with.  Because I’ve lived long enough, one thing I do know: “This too shall pass.” 

Song: Keep on Smilin’ Wet Willie 1970

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