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Purging the Past to Live in the Present

New Year Resolutions!  An opportunity to start afresh in your endeavor to achieve a more fulfilling life. Have you ever thought about achieving your desired life by expunging instead of acquiring?  Often we become so involved in obtaining order in the new year that we fail to address the disorder of the past. Two of the most dominant types of clutter we experience in our space every day are physical and mental.  “Clutter represents an attachment to something you are struggling to release: an old belief system, obsolete need, or unexpressed part of you that needs to be discovered.” Clutter in any form competes for our attention and overloads our senses which results in decreased performance and increased stress. It impairs our ability to think creatively. Thus, carrying clutter from our past prevents us from giving our full attention, energy and enjoyment to the present. Free your life from disorder and confusion. Here are four simple steps to get you started.

1. Reflect – Think about your various physical and mental spaces. Ask yourself, what things, situations or emotions are hindering you from living fruitfully in the now? Write them down.

2. Start Small – Take one space and declutter. In your physical space you may need to clean your room, color code your clothes in the closet or clear your desktop of unused paper and sticky notes. In your mental space maybe you need to apologize to someone, correct a mistake, or express a pressing issue to a trusted friend. Small wins make a big impact on our emotional state and motivate us to achieve the larger goal.

3. Keep It Simple – Keep only what you absolutely love; be honest. Say only what you absolutely feel; again, be honest. No drama required. Simple as that.

 4. Celebrate – Pat yourself on the back. Treat yourself to that bowl of ice cream or a random movie night and share your win with friends and family. We all want to feel important and appreciated. Appreciate yourself first then you can appreciate your life and others more.

Cheers to living fruitfully in the now!

* Quote by Julie Morgenstern


Ayanna McMullen, Owner

Harmony Organizing


Ayanna McMullen

Ayanna McMullen, Professional Organizer and owner of Harmony Organizing, has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and over 10 years of experience in the organizing and administrative fields. Her passion for order as a means to help others enjoy life has led her to successfully work as an educator, non-profit program director, community organizer, executive administrator and human resources manager. Ayanna’s diverse experience, varied skills and unique talents qualify her to design an organizational plan for any home, work or life.

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