We are Boomers…

We are Boomers…

A Baby Boomer is defined as being born between 1946 and 1964.  So the youngest of us is  50-something.  What a great ride it has been for our trendsetting, influential generation!  Here at Boomer Connections, we feel the best is yet to come and we are dedicated to helping our tribe navigate and maximize the experience.  Isn’t this what we were always about —  Living life to the fullest?

Every day we see our peers experiencing life’s challenges and hear them asking questions.  At 50-something life is full of both opportunities and challenges, defined by fewer responsibilities or more, depending on your situation.  Children may be leaving the nest, but aging parents may require our attention.  Many of us are approaching or in retirement, facing new lifestyles and different financial concerns, with many new choices to be made.  All these changes bring up concerns, questions, the need to share.  We want to start the discussion.

So, what are our “character traits”?

Here is what we are:


Boomer Skiing

Boomer Exercising

Young at Heart   







Boomer Disco

Fun Loving

Boomer Driving




Out Living Life



Boomer Eating Healthy






Boomer Hula Hoop


Boomer Cool

Looking to the Future








Here is what we are not:

Boomer Rocking Chair


  • Old souls
  • Resigned
  • Ready to Pack it in
  • Out of the Loop
  • On our rocking chairs
  • Obsolete, Insignificant
  • Living in the Past
  • Out of Gas

How about you? Don’t you agree? We’re having a blast…join us!