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Welcome to This Boomer’s Life, a blog for Our Generation. We are very excited about all the good stuff that will happen here—the valuable information, ideas, and thoughts we will share, and the lasting connections we will make.  So glad you have joined us.

First a bit about our partnership and how we got here:  We are four Boomer women, each with a business that addressed the needs of our age group. Camille helps Boomers cope with new technologies. Marie is a life coach, helping Boomers figure out how to enrich their lives. Rita, The Boomer Guardian, helps Boomers address the needs of their senior parents while at the same time getting their own estates in order. Cherie is a Writer, Editor and Public Relations Consultant who went through a very difficult situation with her own elderly parents, which opened her eyes to the need for better communication regarding the issues of aging.

As we searched for ways to grow our businesses and help Boomers in the Greater Richmond area, we didn’t see a lot going on that fit our vision of a vibrant online Boomer community. We wondered why there was no active cyber forum dedicated to Boomers, when there is so much happening in our lives. We have so much to share, a myriad of concerns, lots to plan for, so much of life yet to be lived. We saw a niche. There are so many of us, for goodness sake. We need a place online to LAND!

Our vision takes shape here, with our at www.boomerconnections.com. Here we hope to address our mutual desire to share life experiences, and help meet the need to stay informed and engaged. We invite you all to tell us about your Boomer’s Life. All of us have a story, or a professional opinion, sound advice, or a deep experience that when shared may be of benefit to others. We want to hear it. We need you!

Our elders have told us that getting older is not for the faint of heart. That may be so, but we’re all in this together…so let’s connect. Come join the conversation and let’s see where it leads.


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