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I recently read the book Resisting Happiness by best-selling author Matthew Kelly. His message about recognizing and breaking through the barriers of self-sabotage that prevent us from happiness, and finding the courage to follow our passion and be our best selves is powerful. What really resonated was a section about regret, from individuals interviewed in the twilight of their lives and things they wished they’d done differently. Check out the list that follows. It spoke to me because I recognized some of my own regrets. But the list also inspired one of those “aha moments” – realizing that it is never, ever too late to live our best lives from this point onward. This notion embodies our philosophy here at Boomer Connections and I love seeing how great thinkers put it into words so beautifully.

Thank you, Matthew Kelly.

I wish I’d had the courage to just be myself.

I wish I had spent more time with the people I love.

I wish I had made spirituality more of a priority.

I wish I hadn’t spent so much time working.

I wish I had discovered my purpose earlier.

I wish I had learned to express my feelings more.

I wish I hadn’t spent so much time worrying about thing that never happened.

I wish I had taken more risks.

I wish I had cared less about what other people thought.

I wish I had realized earlier that happiness is a choice.

I wish I had loved more.

I wish I had taken better care of myself.

I wish I had been a better spouse.

I wish I had paid less attention to other people’s expectations.

I wish I had quit my job and found something I really enjoyed doing.

I wish I had stayed in touch with my old friends.

I wish I had spoken my mind more.

I wish I hadn’t spent so much time chasing the wrong things.

I wish I’d had more children.

I wish I had touched more lives.

I wish I had thought about life’s big questions earlier.

I wish I had traveled more.

Cherie R. Blazer

Cherie is a late bloomer Boomer, born at the tail end of the Boomer generation. She was playing with Barbies while her older sisters marched on Washington and fought for equal rights, but watched and learned. Now she is an empty nester with a whole new future to explore and share at www.BoomerConnections.com! As “Philosopher in Chief” Cherie merely wants to change the world with this blog: to encourage those of us in the midst of our “second act” to look at life with new eyes, open to a life filled with new beginnings rather than endings, and to apply all we have learned to a way of living that is more meaningful and profound. There is SO much to live for, up until the very end.

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