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When Boomer Connections invited me to talk about my journey, I was eager to share what I’ve been doing as a Baby Boomer and where I am in my life.

Until last year, I worked for the Commonwealth of Virginia. During my 31 years there, I took on duties in various agencies, within the roles of auditing, accounting and risk management. I was one of those annoying people who loved my work, whatever the job!

But also during those years (two decades ago now), I suffered a life-threatening domestic violence situation. As is usually the case, very few co-workers were aware of this. As I survived and recovered, my gratitude to the LORD motivated me to write books – My Dear Rosa Jean and Mystery at Candace Bay – both published in 2014 under pen name/business Carin Jayne Casey. While full of suspense and mystery, my books encourage overcoming and healing.

In May 2015, I became a Director on the Board for Yeshua House (a transitional home for women coming from domestic violence and financial difficulties). That same year I was invited by Bonita Claiborne to become a faith-based podcaster with STORMTALK 365 RADIO, and I said YES! My Monday morning podcasts, Turn to God With Carin continue (recently making the 100th podcast). Then during 2017, also with STORMTALK 365 RADIO, I began another faith-based podcast for Tuesday mornings, Abundant Living with Carin, which is on-going as well.

At that point, it was becoming rather difficult for me to do everything I felt called to do as a domestic violence advocate, AND to work for the Commonwealth. Something had to give! So at 65 years old, I retired from State service.

My plate was busy enough, so I never needed to wonder: “What am I going to do with myself?” And yet, it was an adjustment for me. My biggest adjustment was learning how to manage with an income less than half of what I had become used to. Evaluations ensued, smart changes to my spending were made, and I gave up things that I don’t even miss now.

My hubby has not yet retired, and I know when he does THAT will be a big adjustment for both of us. We stay active in the church and enjoy traveling on a few vacations each year, plus we take some short-distance travels on long weekends.

I’ve managed to add some small projects to my plate, still in the arena of domestic violence advocacy, but I’ve learned to be protective of my time, and to always strive for a healthy balance. I’ve learned: Staying busy doing things you love, knowing you’re contributing time to worthwhile projects, and still balancing with other necessary areas, including self-care, work together to create a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Life is great!

Karen Lacy

Karen Lacy has a Business Administration degree from Radford University and served the Commonwealth of Virginia 31 years in areas of auditing, accounting and risk management (retired 2017). DBA Carin Jayne Casey since 2012, she strives to educate and encourage people to conquer life’s challenges through her writings and podcasts. She has written 3 books and shares 2 podcasts weekly.

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