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Elaine Callahan: What Do Your Hands Tell You About Your Life Purpose?

Elaine Callahan has made a second act of practicing Scientific Hand Analysis: Her goal is to help us understand the connections from hand to soul to…life. And she applies these insights by helping clients, especially Boomers, identify and then pursue the life they were meant to live. That is just one of the many things that makes Elaine a cool person.

Elaine’s Story

Elaine describes herself as intuitive…a Creative. She was trained as a graphic designer and spent much of her career in this profession. She is still a designer. But, like most of us, she was seeking. During a time of trauma and spiritual crisis in her life, she discovered Scientific Hand Analysis. It has been described as an accurate and transformative study, based on 40 years of research data, which was developed by Richard Unger.

HandsYour fingerprints are formed in the womb at 14 to 16 weeks, and they never change: They reveal what you have come to do on a soul level, and those patterns in your hands are what make you uniquely you. By identifying your fingerprint patterns, you identify your life school, your life lesson and your life purpose of what you’ve come to experience on a soul level.

In a doubtful but curious frame of mind, Elaine had her own hand reading done. She was amazed at the accuracy…and what it revealed. She came to understand how the map in our hands can help guide us to our true life’s purpose.

I came to terms with everything I had disowned and minimized about myself. I had undervalued my gifts and abilities; which women often do. Through what I was learning I discovered my superpowers.

Elaine decided she wanted to use her newfound insights to help others, so she embarked upon a 15-month course of study with hand mentor Baeth Davis, in order to train to be a Hand Analyst.

 What You Hold in Your Hand: Revelations

Elaine makes it clear that Scientific Hand Analysis is accurate and transformative—but  NOT predictive.

The many lines on our palms correlate to the neuropathways in our brains. Thought and behavior patterns mark your brain as well as your hands. They are the road map to what is happening inside you. Lines in your hands can change over the course of your lifetime, and can show your personality, your thinking, your strengths, your challenges, how you express love and so much more.

Trained to recognize and identify these patterns, Elaine explains that when we gain these insights about ourselves, we can discover our own superpowers—our own talents and gifts, as well as the passions and dreams we have always ignored or buried. As we live out our lives and careers, it’s easy to forget who we truly are and even edit the best parts out. For Baby Boomers, these buried dreams often bubble back to the surface around age 55+ when we start to get off the treadmill, and they beg to be acknowledged. Self-awareness can lead to both different and better choices going forward.

Helping Others Find Purpose in their Lives

As we study the patterns revealed in our hands, the big idea here is to try and become more aware of our gifts and true desire. We may also come to learn how we are blocking ourselves. When we try and force things we are not designed to do, life can be very frustrating!

It’s time to return to the True You and reclaim what makes you feel truly alive.

This is where Elaine’s skills as a coach come in. Elaine asks clients to be open to consider how they may have been following a path, a career, relationships…a life…that left them without purpose, depleted. When we begin to reclaim our dreams and our sense of self-worth, embrace our uniqueness, we also find the permission to be authentically who we were meant to be.  And here is the key: to come up with goals to put all of this in motion.

For me the concept resonated: Self-realization is critical to success in life. I think a lot of us never do feel quite at home in the world. Perhaps we feel we are a square peg in a round hole. We have passions that were not fulfilled. But we had responsibilities. and jobs to do, and people relying on us, so we didn’t always listen to that small voice…that thing called “intuition.” Elaine confirmed that intuition speaks and at some point we need to listen–to find what makes our heart sing.

What did We Learn?

Recently Camille, my business partner here at Boomer Connections, and I sat down with Elaine to talk more about her work…and our hands. Although when she works with clients Elaine does a much more in-depth analysis, she shared some insights about us and how we work together. Camille and I approached hand analysis with both doubt and curiosity, just as Elaine had early on. But in the end, we agreed that what was revealed appeared to be remarkably accurate.

The lines in my hand are more lacy—indicating sensitive by nature. I am more emotional in expressions, with an engaging and creative component, which helps me in my life’s profession as a writer.  I have a “sparkly” side. I am a “passionate” and fire-centric–I go for what I want…which is good, but have a hard time asking for help. I have lots of interests but am easily bored: Yes, yes and yes.

HandsCamille’s hands have cleaner lines, revealing a less emotional, more analytical personality (very much so.) This contributes to her technical expertise and ability to focus. She is more of a “hermit” and earth-centric and can be a stick in the mud. (Ah, but our work at Boomer Connections is changing all that as I drag Camille on all sorts of adventures so we can write about it on our blog!)

Elaine pointed out that my energy and Camille’s are vastly different—and realizing and appreciating these differences makes for a more successful working relationship. And indeed, we work well together: I appreciate her technical expertise which allows her to manage the infrastructure of our blog and website. Camille appreciates my skills of creativity and writing—as I focus on content, design and photography—as well as the crazy ideas I come up with.

We came away from our time with Elaine not only intrigued by her life story and her second act but feeling that we had learned something about ourselves. Our work at Boomer Connections has been, for Camille and me, the passion project we were searching for. But now we ask: “What else can we discover about relationships and our gifts that can lead us to more fulfillment in other areas of our lives?”

Reconnecting with your True You isn’t difficult. The answers are as close as your fingertips.

Who knew our hands could reveal so much about our soul’s true design?


A little bit more about Elaine…

Elaine CallahanAs a brand alchemist, Elaine Callahan finds the brand in your hands so you can transform the true gold within you – your rich, untapped potential – and help you bring it out more, in your life and in your business. She is a magical blend of strategy mixed with creativity and intuition, combining graphic design and branding with personal development and coaching. Elaine primarily works with women who want their personal brand to be in alignment with who they are and what they offer so they can easily attract their ideal clients while feeling soulfully satisfied. To learn more about the brand in your hands, visit trueyoubrandalchemy.com, or contact her at elaine@trueyoubrandalchemy.com.

Cherie R. Blazer

Cherie is a late bloomer Boomer, born at the tail end of the Boomer generation. She was playing with Barbies while her older sisters marched on Washington and fought for equal rights, but watched and learned. Now she is an empty nester with a whole new future to explore and share at www.BoomerConnections.com! As “Philosopher in Chief” Cherie merely wants to change the world with this blog: to encourage those of us in the midst of our “second act” to look at life with new eyes, open to a life filled with new beginnings rather than endings, and to apply all we have learned to a way of living that is more meaningful and profound. There is SO much to live for, up until the very end.

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