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Life at 50+ Healthy or Not?

Have you noticed that there are more and more ads on television, radio, social media, etc., about illness and medications? The ads present us as doomed to become ill and we have to take this medication and that medication to become well! It is assumed that once we turn 50 we will be diabetic, have heart disease, obesity, etc. That may happen for some, but not everyone will experience that. There are ways that we can change our habits to avoid those illnesses as we age.

There is research that suggests if we focus on our own wellness by eating healthy, exercising regularly, focusing on healthy relationships, being active, having a spiritual practice (whatever that means for you), and feeling necessary, we have a greater chance of living a longer and healthier life. One thing that would help is if the ads would focus on wellness rather than illness. I don’t think that will happen too soon! So we have to take responsibility for ourselves.

Healthy living has many facets. As I suggested above, eating healthy and exercising is always a great starting point. Start where you are and make small changes in your life. Adding leafy greens, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean protein to your meals is a start. Try and buy fresh foods rather than processed. Processed foods, although may be convenient, have many added ingredients that may not be so good for you. Many have high sodium and sugar levels that are not needed for your health. They are just there for taste. Real food tastes better than processed because it is made with love!

Start an exercise program that you enjoy. I work with many seniors in my water aerobics classes that enjoy that type of exercise and have seen positive changes in their lives. A group exercise program at your local gym or YMCA would be a great way to get started. Many of my members have told me that since they have been taking my water classes, they feel so much better. Some have lost weight and some are actually reversing their osteoporosis. If that isn’t an incentive, I am not sure what is!

Find what works for you and go with it. You are giving yourself a chance at living a healthier lifestyle! Have a positive attitude and make small changes in your life. It will affect you as well as your loved ones around you!

Marie Giammarco

Marie Giammarco is a mid generation Boomer who came of age in suburban New York, 50 miles north of the city. A child whose mom and grandparents were Italian immigrants, her close knit family defined her growing up years. The product of an environment that revolved around food, health, and physical activity, she saw many elderly people age before their time because they lacked these things. She has a passion to help Boomers and Seniors to be active and live a longer, more healthy life.

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